We create videos that are quite literally "unfiltered" at their core. I'm a curious citizen, trying to explore the democratic fabric of my country by interviewing various politicians, celebrities, gatecrashing election rallies, and reporting from the ground. I, along with 3 of my colleagues decided to quit our stable jobs and start something of our own. We're looking to create amazing content and break the internet every now and then. We wish to do that with the help of no one else but our audience - YOU. Devoid of any market factors or external deals, we need you to be our sponsors.
Every paisa that you contribute will be used judiciously to improve the experience of producing and consuming our content.

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India Unfiltered - Bharat Ek Khoj

Every few kilometres, one finds a new language, flavour, and culture in India. As we covered different states during election season, we wondered why the lives and voices of our co-citizens surfaced only during elections. The aim of this project is to go on a quest to understand, discover and explore the many facets of India and its people. We wish to give you a glimpse into the lives of our co-citizens in different parts of the country, what they think and whether the direction that the makers of Modern India envisioned for the nation has been achieved. We will travel across villages, districts, cities, and states in India to bring you the reality of our fellow citizens. Koshish bas ye hai ki apne seh-naagrikon ke jeevan ki ek jhalak aap sab tak pahunchaayi jaaye. The contributions from this project will be allocated in the travel and stay of our crew in various villages, the daily subsistence during that period, and the logistical necessities such as an edit machine and internet for transferring footage. If you wish to support this endeavour, feel free to contribute any amount you want!

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Ab badhiya se shoot karke fayeda kya agar music aur feel badiya na ho? To keep alive the raw and “unfiltered” feel of our videos, we will need subscriptions to A1 music libraries, edit on seamless systems and use the most trusted software. Your hard-earned money will go into buying a subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Audio Network (music company). Once again, no amount is big or small so feel free to contribute any amount you want :)

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Assembly Elections 2022 - It's That Season!

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Ji haan, hum 2022 assembly elections cover karne jaa rahe hain! Woohooo! The aim is to bring you an unfiltered coverage of the elections, packaged in Samdish’s style- with all the fun, serious, and crazy! Our team will be spending a whole month in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, bringing you high energy political rallies, the local flavor of each state through honest ground reporting, and interviewing key politicians (obviously following Covid-19 protocol). Koshish poori rahegi ki Uttrakhand se bhi coverage karein and so, if we're able to gather the resources to sustain ourselves for three state elections, we will most definitely bring you stories from there as well. Ab Goa aur Manipur jaane ka bhi bahut mann hai but due to limitations of manpower and resources, we feel that an in-depth coverage of the states with close proximity to Delhi (since we are based in Delhi) would be realistic than superficial coverage of all 5 which might not do justice to all the states. Bas yehi ek reason hai. Otherwise, we're ready to hit the ball rolling! The contributions from this project will be allocated for our travel, equipment, and daily subsistence during this period so feel free to contribute any amount you want!


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Making videos is a resource-intensive task. And because we want each and every video of ours to have the best quality, we want to use the best cameras, lights, and audio equipment there is, to make sure that you get the best possible viewing experience. Although quality pe hum abhi bhi compromise bilkul nai karte, usse behetar banane mein aap hamari madat kar sakte ho. With the contributions you make here, we’ll be building our in-house inventory which will include a camera, kit lenses, monopod, lapels, zoom audio recorder, and gorilla pod. No amount is big or small so feel free to contribute any amount you want :)

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